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We've got the crew of Atlantis
Dear America,

We've got the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis. $1 million each. Pay up:
  • Non-sequential unmarked bills
  • Delivered to our space-boat
  • You have 48 hours before we start killing the astronauts.
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You do remember that the rest of our shuttles don't really work, right?

Advice for Somali Pirates

Keep your heads low. I hear that NASA has Space SEAL's.



lol, thats funny

Breath vacuum!

I hope you can breath vacuum. Or mighty Space Marines will capture you and soon you'll be swinging from the yardarm of one of our space frigates.

Somali Pirates are cowards

What a bunch of dorks. These people are so backward and stupid that they think they can continue to be pirates. These people are pathetic losers. We need to destroy the city of Eyl. Level it. These people don't deserve to live. They are sub-human and should't live to procreate more losers.

Re: Somali Pirates are cowards

The actions of the Somali pirates show that they are willing to commit any kind or atrocity to make money! In the past privateers were permitted to go against enemy ships. As weird as it may sound what we could use are privateers to prevent Somali or any pirates from continuing to attack defenseless ships! It would be difficult to setup but to allow privateers the opportunity to protect ships from pirates would be beneficial to keeping the shiplanes safe! They attacked a passenger ship a few years ago and fired RPG's at it and numerous rounds of machine gunfire to attempt to capture it. Fortunately they had a secret weapon that prevented it's capture! Maybe the companies and owners of these ships should be willing to pay said privateers to protect the shiplanes from pirates. They could use old WWII PT boats and other retired naval ships and should receive a bounty for protecting and/or capturing the pirates! Then the pirates should go before the World Court and have the book thrown at them and receive life imprisonment in jail! I would think that pirates would start thinking twice if they had a lifetime of jail ahead of them to face!

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