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So ... we captured this ship full of "Snuggies"
This morning one of our teams (led by captain "G") was out in the Gulf of Aden and took over a Dutch-flagged cargo ship. Simple enough, right?

So they go into the cargo hold and find out the whole ship is full of these fucking things: Snuggies

Apparently they are meant to keep you extra warm. In case you didn't know, Somalia is a very hot country. What are we going to do with all these Snuggies?

Choose a way to deal with the Snuggies:

Tailor them into colorful pirate uniforms
Use them as weatherproofing
Save them for Burning Man
Toss them into the sea
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or better yet, use them as sails.

duh, we have speedboats.

Hey man, you never know when the USN might take out the motor....or worse sabotage, you might have an infiltrator someday, and having sails might save your life!

Or you might use them on the dolphins...or as a pirate flag...just sayin'.

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